Monday, 21 May 2012

Update on May 22nd 2012

It’s been a busy start to the year, catching up with work for this year’s exhibitions.
I have completed four new, large, textured oil paintings. These are two of the new paintings.

The other two have streams running through the woods. The Derbyshire hills trickle with loads of little streams that are beer coloured but very clear so you see all the rocks and pebbles beneath the surface.

All these paintings rely heavily on texture to create the illusion of depth and to play with the light both within the painting and across it.


I have produced a number of collagraphs and kept some small and therefore affordable. I will have some of these on show at the Derbyshire Open Arts Event.
And I have also developed a range of textured paper paintings, still on the theme of trees, but using the different textures in paper to enhance the tonal values of the paintings. Many of these are left white, as the different shades of white in all the different papers creates a subtle picture that relies on tones and shadows.