Wednesday, 23 April 2014


LOUISE JANNETTA is offering a beautiful prize of a FRAMED, ORIGINAL COLLAGRAPH PLATE called FREE TREES worth £395.00.

Entering is simple, Go to Facebook and

2).   Then leave your contact details at this link;

 The winner will be contacted by email.
It’s free to have a go, so go for it.  Invite your friends to join in. 

The exhibition runs from 7th May to 21st May 2014 and the prize winner will be drawn on the last day of the show 21st May.

LOOKING NORTH, Revealed Landscapes of the North West. Louise Jannetta’s forthcoming exhibition at Contemporary Six in Manchester 7th May – 21st May 2014. Please feel free to request a preview evening invite.

Alex Rubens owner of Contemporary Six curates an exhibition celebrating the atmospheric and mesmerizing beauty of our harsh northern landscape. Silver grey skies over a beauty of remote and aloof splendour are depicted using very different techniques; Louise Jannetta’s highly unique collagraph plates have a stark metallic romance, whilst photography, pastels and oils are the means of expression by the artists John Eastwood, Sandra Orme and Matthew Bourne.


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Summer 2014

Gearing up for Summer. I have got some fantastic opportunities this year.
I start with an exhibition at Contemporary Six in Manchester 7th May -21st May.     
Meanwhile Vermilion Gallery in Knutsford have asked me to supply work for a large space in their new gallery in Knutsford. That will be an impressive gallery space, one of the largest in Britain. 
Then in June I will be hosted by both Opus Gallery and St Johns Street Gallery in Ashbourne for the Ashbourne Festival, a very welcome boost and a lovely vote of confidence.   
The Great Dome Fair in July
And lastly a one man show at the new Vermilion Gallery in October 
Also I forgot, in the middle of all this both Contemporary Six and Gallery 23 in Stalybridge want to take my work to the Buy Art Fair in Manchester in September. Better get producing.
A lot of work but nicely spaced so I should be able to cope so long as no one gets ill. And what a nice problem to have.

I have completed a large oil painting which I hope to show at the exhibition; Looking North- Revealed landscapes of the North West  at Contemporary Six 7th to 21st May. This is a large textured oil painting and a 2D reproduction doesn't do it justice. You will have to come and see the real thing. It was a joy to paint, once it got going. Once all the depths have been painted in, the darks and the singing shadows, I drag bright yellow across the painting to bring in the light and it is then that the painting suddenly comes alive. I am very proud of this one and I hope you can see something of it here.