Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Summer 2014

Gearing up for Summer. I have got some fantastic opportunities this year.
I start with an exhibition at Contemporary Six in Manchester 7th May -21st May.     
Meanwhile Vermilion Gallery in Knutsford have asked me to supply work for a large space in their new gallery in Knutsford. That will be an impressive gallery space, one of the largest in Britain. 
Then in June I will be hosted by both Opus Gallery and St Johns Street Gallery in Ashbourne for the Ashbourne Festival, a very welcome boost and a lovely vote of confidence.   
The Great Dome Fair in July
And lastly a one man show at the new Vermilion Gallery in October 
Also I forgot, in the middle of all this both Contemporary Six and Gallery 23 in Stalybridge want to take my work to the Buy Art Fair in Manchester in September. Better get producing.
A lot of work but nicely spaced so I should be able to cope so long as no one gets ill. And what a nice problem to have.

I have completed a large oil painting which I hope to show at the exhibition; Looking North- Revealed landscapes of the North West  at Contemporary Six 7th to 21st May. This is a large textured oil painting and a 2D reproduction doesn't do it justice. You will have to come and see the real thing. It was a joy to paint, once it got going. Once all the depths have been painted in, the darks and the singing shadows, I drag bright yellow across the painting to bring in the light and it is then that the painting suddenly comes alive. I am very proud of this one and I hope you can see something of it here.